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West Loop Loft Buildings in ChicagoThe West Loop lofts are some of the most popular in all of Chicago. The word "loft" brings to mind the lofts of yesteryear, favored by artists, with large open spaces with exposed brick, cement floors, high ceilings and large expanses of windows.  These traditional, or "hard lofts" are in converted warehouses and West Loop has several of these types.

Browse hard lofts in  West Loop. Today's West Loop lofts in Chicago offer a combination of those traditional lofts, often referred to as "hard lofts", in converted warehouses, and "soft lofts".View soft lofts in the West Loop district of Chicago.

Those valuing historic architecture and a bohemian feel will probably look for hard lofts, while those wanting the open feel of loft living but preferring updated electrical and plumbing, and more of a condo feel and amenities will want to search for soft lofts. Browse West Loop lofts for sale in any of the choices below.

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West Loop offers a mix of hard and soft lofts, lofts built with cement structure and those built with wood. Browse West Loop Lofts or Condos for sale by choosing any of the selections below.

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